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At Exit 172, we pride ourselves in working with your brand team to understand your media goals and develop a multi-tired approach to secure the widest range of coverage for your content and maximize its reach. Our team of experienced writers will craft a compelling media alert blended with timely news hooks, for a complete, well-rounded segment.   Our network of media specialists leverage developed and trusted relationships with producers and anchors at local and national TV stations to ensure your story cuts through the ‘newsroom clutter’ and gets on air so your message gets out to the masses.  But we don’t stop there!  Our media team follows up after the SMT wraps with producers to track segment airings to provide our clients with usage reports complete with air checks for real time updates as segments hit the air waves.



Utilizing our dedicated team of media specialists, we target your story and localize the pitch to hit radio stations in your key markets and beyond.  We work tirelessly with local and national program producers and on air talent to make sure your story reaches audiences on shows they actually listen to. Additionally, we will edit your audio content into an impactful Radio News Release story and syndicate it across our extensive network of radio stations to extend it’s reach and further enforce and empower listening audiences into action.



The World Wide Web doesn’t have to be the Wild Wild West… Your story’s footage is repurposed and infused with cutting edge graphics, animation and additional supplemental material to produce engaging content created exclusively to penetrate today’s digital world.  Our web team can work in tandem or independently of yours, to feature your story on qualified websites, posted within relevant blogs and pushed out organically via key influencers, to ensure your digital footprint reaches the right audiences.  Your content can also be customized and placed on social media channels, used within banner ads & pre-rolls, mobile content and everything in-between to provide a comprehensive mix of paid, earned and shared approaches for complete media saturation with tangible results.

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